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Cangzhou Dahua Co. Ltd.
Cangzhou Dahua is affiliated with China National Chemical Corporation and its predecessor, Hebei Cangzhou Chemical Fertilizer Plant initially established in March 1974. Cangzhou Dahua is a Category-1 large enterprise of the State and one of the “Top 100 Chemical Enterprises of the State” and “Large Key Enterprise of Hebei Province” and awarded, “National May First Labor Award”. The Company Limited was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2000. Cangzhou Dahua Co. Ltd. is affiliated with Cangzhou Dahua Group Co. Ltd. It has become an important chemical fertilizer and carbimide production base and one of the Top 500 chemical enterprises in the country. Cangzhou Dahua Co. Ltd. operates plants, which use natural gas as raw materials and produce 360,000-tons of synthetic ammonia, 580,000-tons of urea and 30,000-tons of concentrated nitric acid per year. 

Cangzhou Dahua is located in Cangzhou, an ancient and cultural city. Cangzhou is 210Km away from the capital, Beijing. There are sea, land and air transportation facilities in Cangzhou, such as the Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway, Shijiazhuang-Huanghua Expressway, Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Beijing-Guangzhou Expressway and Huanghua Large Port. Besides, Cangzhou lies at the center of Bohai Economic Circle and has great development prospects. Its “Lion” urea and “Bright Moon” concentrated nitric acid had won praise for its reliable quality and service.
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