Product Introduction

Chinese name: Jia Ben Er Yi Qing Suan Zhi
English name: tolnlene diisocyanate
Trademark: “Flying Lion” brand
Hazard category: Toxic and hazardous products of Category 6.1
Specification: 2.4-TDI/2.6-TDI, 80/20
Implemented standard: Q/DHJ.02.02-1999
Production scale: 30,000-tons per year (Cangzhou Dahua TDI Co. Ltd.)
50,000-tons per year (Juhai Branch of Cangzhou Dahua Co. Ltd.) 
Usage: Used for urethane foam, elastomer, paint, and binder.
Producers: Cangzhou Dahua TDI Co. Ltd. and Juhai Branch of Cangzhou Dahua Co. Ltd.
Address: Cangzhou Dahua TDI Co. Ltd., Eastern Suburbs, Cangzhou, Hebei Province
Tel: 0317-3557641 Fax: 0317-3557691 Zip code: 061000
Juhai Branch of Cangzhou Dahua Co. Ltd. Northern Side, Junyan Road, Lingang Chemical Industry Park, Cangzhou
Tel: 0317—5266412

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