Cangzhou Dahua Group Co. Ltd.,a State-owned subsidiary of China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina), manufactures large-scale chemical products, such as fertilizer and TDI. It has six subsidiaries (including a publicly-listed company), with production capacity of annual output at 360,000-tons of synthetic ammonia, 580,000-tons of urea, 150,000-tons of TDI, 4 tons of caustic soda, 30,000-tons of concentrated nitric acid, 50,000-tons of ammonia and 6,000-tons of PVC artificial leather. Its urea has won the “Iron Lion” and TDI, “Flying Lion” awards. Sales revenues reached 2.8 billion RMB ($ 440.4 million) in 2011.

Cangzhou Dahua is formerly known as a national level enterprise - Hebei Cangzhou fertilizer factory, which is one of the 13 large nitrogen fertilizer businesses that was introduced into China in the early 1970s, changing from a factory system to corporate system in June 1996, as well as reorganization and co-operation with China National Chemical Corporation in October 2006. Cangzhou Dahua has gone through numerous technological innovations, eliminated backward production capacity, implemented industrial upgrading and developed an important isocyanate and fertilizer production base.

Relying on the state-level Economic and Technological Development Zone - location, resources, transport and environmental capacity advantages of the Bohai New Area, as well as the financial merits of central enterprises, including Cangzhou Dahua - give full play to their talents, technologies and management. Starting production with annual output of 50,000-tons of TDI in August 2009, 60,000-tons of DNT project in October 2010, with 60,000-tons of DNT expanding into 90,000-tons and 100,000-tons with the first stage of 70,000-tons in May 2012, which has established a cyclic economic development model for combining upstream and downstream products, completing the industrial chain and highlighting its main businesses. Cangzhou Dahua would accelerate industrial restructuring and upgrades, to develop a global chemical industry base.

Cangzhou Dahua to cooperate with domestic and foreign enterprises.

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