The enterprise has accomplished remarkable technical achievements in recent years. Production and Application Technology of TDI has won first prize for scientific and technological progress of Cangzhou, passed Hebei provincial-level identification of technical achievements and won third prize for scientific and technological progress of Hebei province. It has obtained nine invention patents granted by the State Intellectual Property Office and another two patents are still under application procedures.

Technical personnel has learned from domestic advanced technologies and developed a 150,000-ton large-grain urea project in 2004, which took less than one year to complete. The project started operating on June 2005. Product quality was stable and exported the same year.

Cangzhou Dahua carried out a technical transformation project to expand production capacity of its 20,000-tons per year TDI plant. Cangzhou Dahua carried out research and designsr with the design entity, performed technical transformation of eliminating bottlenecks of 20,000-tons per year TDI plant and increased its production to 300,000-tons per year. The project was implemented in April 2005 and technical transformation finished in 2006. It performed more than 600 technical transformation items and the plant reached standards and production capacity the same year.

Cangzhou Dahua performed the technical optimization and transformation project of TDI photochemical plant in 2008. It tackled difficulties, carried out research and development, and performed computer simulation; working condition analysis and photochemical plant improvement plan with scientific research entities. Top-grade product rate stabilized at 100%.

TDI plant with annual production capacity of 50,000-tons was commissioned in 2009. Technology was upgraded with annual production capacity of 30,000-tons. The plant reached standards and production capacity and realized profits of more than RMB 30 million the same year.

Cangzhou Dahua developed paint-grade TDI in 2011, whose performance was better than foreign TDI products. Paint-grade TDI products are new products with significant market competitiveness and fill a gap in the domestic TDI sector.

Cangzhou Dahua performed technical transformations and increased production capacity, 60,000-tons per year DNT to 90,000-tons per year in 2012. The plant was commissioned at its first attempt.. The company is commissioning 70,000-tons per year TDI plant. It is anticipated that TDI products will be produced, starting in June.

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