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Cangzhou Dahua Group Co. Ltd.,a State-owned subsidiary of China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina), manufactures large-scale chemical products, such as fertilizer and TDI. It has six subsidiaries (including a publicly-listed company), with
production capacity of annual output at 360,000-tons of synthetic ammonia, 580,000-tons of urea, 150,000-tons of TDI, 4 tons of caustic soda, 30,000-tons of concentrated nitric acid, 50,000-tons of ammonia and 6,000-tons of PVC artificial leather. Its urea has won the “Iron Lion” and TDI, “Flying Lion” awards. Sales revenues reached 2.8 billion RMB in 2011.
Packing specification: Products are packaged in woven bags lined wi
Hazard category of concentrated nitric acid: acidic corrosive produ
Hazard category: Toxic and hazardous products of Category 6.1 Spec
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